The Asia foundation is currently working with development, government and private sector partners to promote development of the tourism industry and employment for youth in the tourism and hospitality sectors through raising awareness of different kinds of career opportunities in these sectors.  We invite 15-20 teams of volunteer students to each produce “Career Introductory Video”(CIV) with the title of “Foka ba Futuru”.

The CIV videos will be published on a career website and on facebook so that young students and young job seekers can access and get ideas of what opportunities are in the hospitality and tourism sectors and what skills they need to have to be able to participate in those job opportunities. The short videos will show the pathway from school to working in the career – that is, information on the career, what is the career, how do you get the job, any training / study to help you get the job, and will profile successful Timorese who are already working in these careers to act as inspiration and role model.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three Career Introductory Videos!

 Project Objectives:

  • To engage students University to produce open source CIV videos that will inform Timorese students/publics of potential careers in the Tourism and Hospitality sector
  • To promote CIV production competition among the participating university students and engage youth in career decision making process
  • To promote the tourism and hospitality sectors as attractive and viable professional with clear steps to achieving employment in the sectors

What do you need to participate in the competition?

  • A smart phone or tablet to film your career introductory video (CIV)
  • One team (each team will have 2 students) will produce 1 video of 2-3 minutes
  • Creativity and a sense of humour!

Competition Timeline

  11 – 13 September Teams attend Training at TAF:  2.5  days

During the training, teams will decide career profile for the video, identify interviewees, start developing story and scripts, and practice filming techniques. Training materials will include:

·    Script writing/script development

·    Story telling

·    Interview techniques

·    Techniques to use smart phones/tablet to make video

·    Film editing & finalisation

Teams submit written scripts to TAF and Video trainer for review & feedback (if not completed during training). Once the script is approved, filming begins!
14 – 30 September Teams shoot their films
1 – 3 October All teams submit films for review to Video trainer

Feedback & editing training given in computer lab

4 – 14 October Teams revising & editing film

Final draft film submitted to TAF & video trainer for 2nd review

15 October 2nd feedback given & editing finalised
22 October Final Career Introductory Videos submitted

Scoring begins by Selection Committee

26 October Launch of Career Introductory Video Awards

Selection Committee: 
Judges for the competition will be from the Ministry of Tourism, SEPFOPE, SEIGI, development partners, Hospitality & Tourism sector, business operators, and sponsors of the project.

Prizes for the winner:  There will be prizes for the winners!